Multiple Offers in November 2023?! 😱

real estate tips selling my home Nov 01, 2023

Believe the real estate market was cooling down? Think again! Things started sizzling at Katie's listing this weekend. In a mere 72 hours, she garnered multiple offers that not only exceeded the asking price but also offered favorable terms, including the unique opportunity for our clients to reside in their home until the start of 2024. Here's a snapshot of the timeline leading to remarkable success:

Thursday: Our interior designer transformed the home, using our clients' possessions, into a masterpiece straight out of an HGTV magazine. Following this, our professional photographer captured stunning interior and exterior photos, drone shots, and videos.

Friday: We officially went live on the market.

Saturday: Showings began, aligning with the sellers' approval.

Sunday: A "highest and best offer" deadline was set to allow all potential buyers ample time to conduct their due diligence and craft their offers.

Monday: Offers were presented to the sellers in an easy-to-compare spreadsheet. In no time, our client's home was under contract.

When selling and buying real estate, we are your trusted advisors. Our proven strategy, as demonstrated by Katie's recent success, truly works. Whether you're considering selling or buying, we're here to guide you on your journey and help you achieve your real estate goals. Don't hesitate to reach out; we're ready to assist you!

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