What Does An Expired or Withdrawn Listing Mean?

buying a home dfw home seller homeowner Mar 30, 2021

Know the difference between an expired listing and a withdrawn listing? Nope? Well, now you do! ⁣

An EXPIRED LISTING is a listing that hasn’t sold by the end of the term stated in the listing contract (sad emoji face) — typically, six months. If this happens — and in our current seller's market it’s hardly happening AT ALL — sellers can re-up and list again or move on to a new agency. ⁣

A WITHDRAWN LISTING is a listing that’s still for sale but no longer active on the MLS. This usually happens when sellers decide they no longer want to sell their home. Keep in mind these homes may still show up on a search for several days after being withdrawn.⁣

The GOOD NEWS? You have options when selling your home. I tell all my sellers they’re in the driver’s seat 100%, and it’s my job simply to make the drive as laid-back and enjoyable as possible!⁣

Are you a Seller looking to hire a new Agent to get the job done? I'd be honored to talk about your goals!

Are you a Buyer who found an Expired or Withdrawn listing that you are interested in? Lucky for you, I am not afraid to find the sellers information and call or even door knock to get more info for you! Contact me to discuss more!

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